A New Revolution for 2017

“Stand and Fight Club” is a project to alert and engage the American public about the need to fight the destruction of various vital industries through onerous regulations and Executive Orders executed by our federal government. Through a multimedia storytelling platform of creative videos, social media, and written works, we will not only tell the story, but also create a dialogue with the American people as we put real faces to the effects of over-regulation and government’s heavy-handed intervention in our free enterprise system. Through video stories of battles won, continuing, and yet to come, we will help the average citizen to understand how destructive public policies negatively affect their daily lives and futures.

Documented legal victories against the over-reaching policies of the federal government have occurred in Colorado, Idaho, California, Arizona, Utah, Kansas, Montana, West Virginia, South Dakota and Texas. Our goal is to not only frame the problems that will lead to destruction, but to share examples of victories to inspire and enable others to stand up to Big Government with facts and confidence.

The Stand and Fight Club Intends to Bring Back Rural America, to Bring Back the Rights of Rural Americans. In a fresh, vital new “Campaign Coordination 2017” we will:

(1) File lawsuits, at least 13, one symbolically for each of our first colonies, to require regulators to follow the law and coordinate with local governments to reach consistency with local policies that protect our forest industries, mill workers, fishermen, miners, ranchers, farmers, water users, nurserymen, dairymen, truckers, recreation uses of OUR LANDS, and the property and personal rights of individual citizens

(2) Train citizens to a level of legal knowledge and strategy that will let them “persuade” their local governments to do their duty and exercise their authority to require the regulators to be consistent with local plans, policies and actions

(3) Equip citizens with the tools they need to support those local officials and help them through the coordination process in paralegal fashion

(4) Teach the constitution and the people’s rights by offering materials and teaching assistance to K1 through 12, in colleges, in community adult classes, through radio and television and news publications—keeping in mind that IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, YOU DON’T HAVE ANY.

(5) Keep you advised and up to speed with our progress, and with what the regulators are trying to do to further demolish our God Given liberty.