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John Knipe, Chairman

Cleveland Corder, Vice Chairman

Mark Block

Sean Curtis

Robin Bartlett Frazier

Orlean Koehle

Ron Gibson

Tim Lowry

David Avila

Leo Bergeson

Steve Curtiss


john-knipe-stand-and-fight-clubJohn serves as the President of Knipe Land Company, Inc and is the Designated Broker and Managing Broker for Knipe Land Company, Inc. Knipe Land Company was first established in 1944 in Nampa, Idaho, and is one of the oldest – more experienced real estate firms in operation today that works in this highly specialized area of real estate.

Knipe Land North, LLC, specializes in marketing and selling recreation property, timbered parcels of land, farms and ranches in Central and North Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Washington State. John Knipe serves as the Designated Broker and he is the Managing Broker of Knipe Land North, LLC. Knipe Land Oregon, LLC, is headquartered in Richland, Oregon. This real estate company is a full service real estate firm. John Knipe is one of the firm’s partners.

John is one of the best known and most respected men in his trade and his hundreds of awards include the following: • The 2010 Idaho “Land Realtor of the Year” Award Winner • The 2010 “Distinguished Service Award Winner” This was awarded by the Realtors Circle of Excellence. • 13 – Realtor “Top Producer” Plaques – Awarded to Knipe John Knipe has been awarded the “REALTOR – TOP PRODUCER” each each year for the last 13 Years. Top Producers are Realtors who’s closed sales volume is within the highest 1 percent of sales level of all Realtors. In this market, more than ever, experience counts!!! • 13 – “Circle of Excellence” Plaques – Awarded to Knipe Also, for the past 13 years, John Knipe has been awarded the distinguished “CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE” award. The Realtors Association awards the “Circle of Excellent” Award to Realtors for their outstanding service and contribution to the industry and to the community. ” • Life – Time – Award – Circle of Excellence” Plaque – Awarded • John Knipe currently holds the “Life Time – Circle of Excellence Award” •JOBS AND PROSPERITY TASK FORCE – AMERICAN SOLUTIONS FOR WINNING THE FUTURE Knipe serves on Advisory Board appointed by Former US Speaker of the House – Newt Gingrich • Intermountain MLS – Member • Mountain Central MLS – Member John is a Senior Instructor at the World Organization Land Foundation and American Land College; his many books and seminars include: • “Land Brokerage, A Short Course” • “Buying Land as an Investment” This is a short course in Land Economics • “Land Development for Profit: Business and Residential Real Estate ” Guide for the United States, Western Region “Marketing and Selling Land and Real Estate Has been charter member and President of Board of The Stand and Fight Club.


cleveland-corder-stand-and-fight-clubToday, Cleveland is in the land development business and involved in technology improvements in convenience stores and service stations, soon to move into the realm of providing television screens in hotels with schedules of events, entertainment and restraurants.

He is a charter member and officer of The Stand and Fight Club. Cleveland is one of the most successful fighters in the history of professional boxing, and the most successful from Idaho. In 2007 he retired from boxing with a record of 36-3 and 20 knockouts; his last fight was in Boise Idaho where he beat Zane Marks to win the world title, claiming both the International and National Boxing world middleweight titles which had been his goal from the time he entered professional boxing. Before turning professional, Cleveland was Gold Medal Winner in the Olympics of 1993 and had a remarkably successful amateur boxing career.

Cleveland’s movie acting experience was limited to a double for Antonio Banderas in the movie “Play It To the Bone” where Banderas and Woody Harrellsen were the contending fighters. At the end of the movie Woody wanted to fight Cleveland since he was a professional boxer. So the Director allowed it. He later said that Woody was in excellent shape and had been in training for 12 weeks. The director said that Cleveland just flicked away Woody’s best shots, and said “Woody could fight Cleveland Corder for 10 years and never land a punch.” Finally, time was called and Woody asked the Director why he let It go on so long. He said “What was it, five or six minues?” The Director said that he looked at his watch and it had been a minute and a half, just half a round. Cleveland is married to Heather and has three young sons.


mark-block-stand-and-fight-clubMark. J. Block, is a seasoned political consultant, most widely known for his role as Chief of Staff for Herman Cain’s 2012 Presidential campaign. He currently works as a self-employed consultant, assisting a variety of organizations and candidates throughout the country with his unique skills related to grassroots engagement and advocacy.

Mark served as the Wisconsin State Director of Americans for Prosperity from June, 2006 until December, 2010. He grew the Wisconsin Chapter from 250 members to 100,000, and was instrumental in the 2010 electoral successes in Wisconsin. Mr. Block has been involved in the political arena for nearly 40 years, having served as the campaign manager for former Governor Tommy Thompson, George H.W. Bush, Supreme Court Justices Janine Geske and Jon Wilcox. In addition, he has managed over six statewide campaigns for State Superintendent for Public Education, initiative referendums, and numerous congressional races. He began his political career in 1974 as the first 18 year old to be elected in Wisconsin when the citizens of Winnebago County elected him as a County Board Supervisor. He later served as legislative assistant to the late Congressman Bill Stieger. Mr. Block’s private sector experience includes 12 years as the Midwest director of NCR Corporation, and founder of Telecommunications Group, LLC and GeoMarketing, Inc.

Mr. Block founded and served on the Board of Directors of the MacIver Institute for Public Policy. In addition to serving on a variety of other organizational boards over the years, he also served as a member of the Wisconsin Advisory Committee, U.S.


Modoc County Farm Bureau Director

sean-curtis-stand-and-fight-clubFourth generation California rancher on both father and mother’s sides. Ranched in Modoc County since the late 1970’s. Graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Captain Marine Corps Reserves (inactive). In 1993 heard about a new process called coordination that was working in Owyhee County Idaho and took it on himself to travel to Idaho and see what it was all about. Put it in place in Modoc County, and he and Carolyn Carey and June Roberts worked hand in glove with supervisors in creating a successful program. In 2004 he began to work full time as the County’s Coordination director and since then has helped many other western counties in the process. He worked closely with Fred Kelly Grant in preparing and presenting seminars, and when Grant was with Stewards of the Range, American Stewards of Liberty and Trademark America. Is a Charter Member of the Board of the Stand and Fight Club.

One of Sean’s most important jobs has been as Charter Director of the National Forest Counties and Schools Coalition which works on policy with Congress and the Forest to make up to school districts the money they would otherwise lose because of the cut back on logging by the Forest Service. His many other jobs and accomplishments make him one of the busiest men in the west:

California Farm Bureau Director –1992-98 Modoc Joint Unified School District Trustee—15 years Goose Lake Resource Conservation District Director—12 years Charter member-Goose Lake Watershed Council Charter member—Modoc National Forest Threatened and Endangered Species Working Group Charter member—Modoc County Elk Steering Committee Chairman, Modoc County Land Use Committee—1993-present Chairman, Modoc County Resource Advisory Committee—2001-present Charter Director, National Forest Counties and Schools Coalition—2000-present Chairman, Sage Steppe Technical Advisory Committee—2010-preent Chairman, Modoc-Washoe Experimental Stewardship Program Member, NE CA Resource Advisory Council–2008-2014 Member, CA Farm Bureau Beef, Forestry and Public Lands Advisory Committees


Board Of Directors

robin-bartlett-stand-and-fight-clubRobin Bartlett Frazier former Carroll County, Maryland Commissioner, has been a supporter and defender of private property and personal rights her entire life.

Twice she served as a Commissioner for Carroll County, from 2002-2006 and from 2010-2014; from 2006-2010 she was Intergovernmental Affairs for Governor Robert Ehrlich.

During her second term as Commissioner she and her Board voted to exempt their County from the state mandated “rain tax”..

She protected property and personal rights when as Chair of the Carroll County Planning Commission she fought imposition and implementation of “smart growth” zoning, down zoning and over-regulation which result in taking of property through lowering value. She was a founder of the Rural Coalition, and one of her Commissioner commitments was summed up in.

Director Frazier has been married to Donald Frazier for 32 years and they have three lovely daughters: Joanna, Rebekah and Hannah.


orlean-koehle-stand-and-fight-clubOrlean and her husband, Kurt Koehle, are the parents of five sons, one daughter, and eight grandchildren, the most recent being twins. Orlean grew up on a farm in rural Idaho, attended Idaho Falls High School, was selected to serve as Miss Idaho Falls, and after college at Brigham Young University and marriage, she returned to teach speech, drama, and journalism at a middle school in Idaho Falls.

After a long leave of absence to raise her six children, she returned to her love of teaching in Sonoma County, California, which she did from 1992 until 2010 when she retired to have more time to write and speak about her books. Her husband is an administrator at Sonoma State University, and they live on acreage outside of Santa Rosa.

Orlean has served as a leader in several state and national organizations: such as Boy Scouts of America, President of Concerned Citizens of Sonoma County, Parents Involved in Education, Sonoma County Eagle Forum and Republican Women. She has just recently been elected to be a co-president for the Santa Rosa Republican Women Federated for 2016.
Since 2002, she has been serving as the State President for Eagle Forum of California. She was honored by Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute as their 2004 “Faith and Community” recipient for her many years in public service.
In 2006, Orlean started the Sonoma County Land Rights Coalition, to fight the attack on rural property rights she and her husband were facing. It was then that she became totally aware of where this attack was really coming from – UN Agenda 21. She has been researching and writing about it ever since. She just completed her most recent book which tells of the property and water rights battles presently going on in California. It is called California’s Water Crisis, Do you Smell a Fish?

Orlean has been a guest speaker for organizations throughout California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Missouri, Iowa, New Mexico, and Washington D.C. She has been interviewed on television and on many talk radio programs.

Her other books are: Looking at Lincoln, a history and guide to Lincoln, Nebraska; the Golden Rule School, which seeks to bring character education and morals back into the public schools; By Stealth and Deception, a hundred-year history behind the scenes of what has been going on in our nation. Orlean’s fourth book – Just Say No to Big Brother’s Smart Meter – tells of the dangers of smart meters and of Californian’s two-year battle to finally receive an opt-out of the meters. It also connects Smart Meters to Agenda 21 in how the UN seeks to control all energy around the world.
Her book Common Core, a Trojan Horse for Education Reform was published in 2012. It tells of the deceptive new program that is being thrust upon our public schools, pretending to be a state standard initiative, but is a national and international, top-down program that will take away the freedom of States and local districts to have influence and jurisdiction over their own curriculum, standards, and teaching methods. Orlean has discovered that this program is the method by which Agenda 21 and its concepts of “citizens of the world” and “sustainable development” are being promoted around the globe.

Orlean’s sixth book, The Hidden Cs of Common Core, published in 2014, is a closer look into the history of Common Core and the many “C” words those promoting Common Core want to keep hidden, words like: “cartel-written, central-controlled, citizens of the world, corporation-funded and driven, and “cookie-cutter design.”
In the fall of 2012, Orlean started “Californians United Against Common Core” to unite parents, grandparents, teachers, elected officials to take a stand against Common Core. On the website much information can be found. There is a petition to be signed and opt out forms against the invasive data collection coming from questionnaires, surveys and the assessment test. The website is www.CUACC.org.

Orlean’s books are available on Amazon.com or can be ordered directly from www.BooksforTruth.com.


ron-gibson-stand-and-fight-clubRon Gibson is a former US Marine and Viet Nam veteran who currently works as a professional consultant, Counselor at Law, with over 47 years of experience on the subjects of land patents, mining law, right of way, contracts, water rights, and Constitutional Law. Raised on a ranch in Southern Oregon, Education in Engineering and Constitutional law. Having a cattle ranching and mineral background has helped him to tackle many of the issues facing rural America today.
Ron has several gold and industrial mineral projects in the western US. He currently serves as Vice President of the South West Oregon Mining Association and is the chairman of the Jefferson Mining District located in southern Oregon.
A licensed pilot, Ron has a helicopter business and is the inventor of two environmental clean-up products. Additionally he is also involved in turbine engines, marine boat power plants and turbine propulsion projects for helicopters and airplanes.
His love of history and lifelong experience in cattle and horses has also served him well for his land, hay, alfalfa and high quality beef operations. In his spare time Ron enjoys collectible auto restoration, raising quarter horses and paint horses, flying, and teaching classes on Constitutional law, mining law and land patents.


steve-curtiss-stand-and-fight-clubSTEVE CURTISS is one of the original members of the Board of Directors; he as director of the Glen Lake Irrigation District in Montana made coordination work, with his Board and a volunteer natural resources committee. The District, as a local government took on the task when the Lincoln County Commissioners refused. By exercising coordination with Fish and Wildlife and the Forest Service, Steve and the District were able to prevent closing of many roads, loss of easement for irrigation water and prevention of restriction of water uses for protection of bull trout.

Steve lives near Eureka, Montana with his wife Jennifer and is shown here with a beloved grandchild. Steve loves his family, his God and his Country and works tirelessly in support of all of them. A master bladesmith, he makes custom knives as an expert.


Gerald Strober, Co-Chair

Deb Strober, Co-Chair

Cirina Catania

Carolyn Carey

Dr. Chad Gibson

Sylvia Milligan



Assisting the Board of Directors of the Stand and Fight Club in devising and defining policy that is capable of Brining Back Rural America, will be the Council of Policy Advisors. The Board has been honored by the acceptance of the co-chairing of this critical Council by Gerald and Deborah Strober, world renowned writers who reside in and work from Manhattan, New York City, New York.

They are not new to the work of the Stand and Fight Club. They worked with me and staff members in Wisconsin, Maryland and Colorado interviewing loggers, ranchers, fishermen, government officials and the rural workers of the land the Club seeks to defend

Deborah Hart Strober was born into a family of musicians and journalists in Newark, New Jersey. Before marrying Gerald and embarking on her career as a writer she performed as Deborah Hart in musical theater and in concert. Later, she was for five years a cultural columnist and general assignment reporter with the New York Jewish Week.

Gerald was born in Brooklyn, New York. He received an MA in Jewish Studies from New York University and served on the national staff of the American Jewish Committee. He is the co-author of Religion and the New Majority and the author of American Jews: Community In Crisis.

The Strobers, who have been writing together since 1989, are the co-authors of eleven published books to date. They include “Let Us Begin Anew:” An Oral History of the Kennedy Presidency, whose text is incorporated into the interactive computer of Legacy Room of the Kennedy Presidential Library, in Cambridge, Massachusetts; Nixon, an Oral History of His Presidency; Reagan, The Man and His Presidency; The Monarchy: an Oral Biography of Elizabeth II; His Holiness the Dalai Lama: the Oral Biography; Giuliani: Flawed or Flawless?; Israel at Sixty: an Oral History of the Nation Reborn; Catastrophe: The Story of Bernard L. Madoff, The Man Who Swindled the World (which was named by the Washington Post as its Business Book of the Month for May, 2009); Catastrophic Incarcerated: the Updated Story of Bernard L. Madoff, the Man Who Swindled the World; and Not Just a Bond: A Bond with Israel, commissioned by the Development Corporation for Israel in conjunction with the 60th Anniversary of the founding of Israel Bonds.

In 2011 the Strobers assisted Herman Cain, then a candidate for the Republican Party’s presidential nominaton, in the writing of his best-selling autobiography This Is Herman Cain!

In compiling their eleven books to date, the Strobers interviewed more than five hundred major personalities, including U.S. political figures and presidential officials, confidantes and foreign leaders; officials of the government of the United Kingdom and members of the Royal Family; Tibetans in exile, including the Dalai Lama’s most trusted confidante, as well as a representative of their nemesis, the People’s Republic of China; supporters and critics of “America’s Mayor” and erstwhile presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani; a wide range of Israeli government officials and personalities, ranging from the extreme left to the ultra right; and most recently, a cross section of those individuals whose lives have been impacted by the Madoff scandal.

In addition, the Strobers were commissioned in 2006 to compile an audio tape archive on the History of the Conservative Movement in America, for which the authors interviewed forty-two of that movement’s leading personalities.

The Strobers who have four children and four grandchildren, live in Manhattan and spend time in Israel.


Born and raised in Napa, California — attended Napa schools and the University of California, Davis. Currently lives in Northeastern California … Alturas. Carey Ranch is certified organic and Pete Carey and Carolyn run about 450 commercial pairs (their own and others), take in and/or purchase 800-1000 yearlings each summer – they also produce organic alfalfa hay for sale and to “finish” their organic grass-fed cattle.

• Member of the California Beef Council, appointed by the California Dept. of Food and Agriculture to represent northern California ranchers – past member of the Executive Committee.
• Owns and manages Born and Raised in the USA®, a USDA-approved label and verification system for the labeling and promotion of US beef, pork, lamb, fish, game, and fowl – the 2005 recipient of the Western Heritage Award.
• A founder and charter member of Western Ranchers Beef Cooperative — on the Board of Directors and currently serves as CEO.
• Consultant to Panorama Grass-Fed Meats, Inc. for meat labeling.
• A founding member of the Modoc County Land Use Committee … an advisory committee to the Modoc County Board of Supervisors for the coordinated management of the Federal lands within the county’s borders (some 70+% of land within the county) for the benefit of the county’s economy and the wise, beneficial use of the land
• Developed a program for environmental mitigation using easements on private ranchlands instead of outright purchase by the developer (eliminating transfer of ownership to state or federal agencies) — keeps the land in the productive use which made it desirable for acquisition in the first place; allows the rancher to keep ranching, provides a manager who is familiar with the land, and keeps the land in the county’s tax base, to name a few benefits to both the ranching and environmental communities
• Member of the board of directors, American Stewards of Liberty
• Member of the board of directors, RANGE Conservation Foundation


Sylvia Milligan is chair of the Recreation Outdoors Coalition in California who has been one of the real “movers and shakers” in the long going effort to keep OUR national forests open for recreation use. She has been a loyal member of the Stand and Fight Club from the beginning, and is instrumental in bringing to the fore issues that benefit not only her recreation interests but all other users of the forests. She understands thoroughly the concept and procedure of “coordination”, knows how to use it, and knows how to teach it.
She put together the Guidebook to coordination which was later revised by Baker County Oregon and issued. The Guidebook sets forth all the elements of how to put together and use the coordination laws, regulations, and process.
She is a real and true patriot who believes that the so-called public lands are OURS.


The Board of Directors has appointed a group of dedicated activists for liberty and coordination to assist in evaluating requests for litigation support and in recommending lawsuits to be filed to achieve success of “Campaign Coordination 2017”


timothy-ravendal-stand-and-fight-clubTim is the youngest of 5 children born and raised in Anaconda. He entered the United States Air Force out of high school where he served for 2 years. Tim has been happily married to Christine for 32 years and has raised 3 children here in Townsend Montana. Tim served as leader of Montana Multiple Use Association for 8 years. Tim has served as a citizen lobbyist (without pay) at the Montana legislature for the past 12 legislative sessions. Tim has campaigned 3 times to serve as County Commissioner of Broadwater County.

Tim is currently working on restoring transparency with elected officials across Montana. Tim knows that tyranny gets in the way of his favorite passion of hunting hounds but is committed to the future of America.


anthony-intiso-stand-and-fight-clubAnthony Intiso has been a student of the coordination process established by Congress to require federal regulators to use every practicable means to reach consistency with local government policies protecting local landowners, ranchers, farmers, loggers, miners, factory workers, truck drivers, small business people, all those who hold water rights and the rights to access to the lands that WE own, for WE THE PEOPLE are the government.

Anthony has put his knowledge to work—when he could not convince a county board of supervisors to use the tool given them by Congress, he took his case to the people as a candidate. You can see his views as he expressed them on Youtube.

Unsuccessful in that campaign, he organized a service district centered on fire service and used the created district as a local government to force coordination with the federal regulators. He made believers of them and many more who thought once he Supervisors refused to act, local authority was lost.

Anthony lives in Yreka, California, Siskiyou County with his wife Sibby who is overseer of cooking the finest Italian sauces this side of New York City’ Mimi’s café, and maybe even better.

For nearly twenty five years he has walked the walk, not just talked the ta

todd-macfarlane-stand-and-fight-clubTODD MACFARLANE

Todd Macfarlane is a rancher, writer, attorney, conservationist, and alternative media activist. He cares deeply about western ranching, property rights, and productive people on the land. Working in association with RANGE magazine, he is the editor of RANGEFIRE!, a blog devoted to “Addressing Issues in the West / Spreading America’s Cowboy Spirit Beyond the Outback.”


Troy Hamilton

The Board of Directors has appointed citizens who have a deep respect for the history of the United States and for the Constitution which was characterized as having created the perfect form of government as long as it was in the hands of God fearing men. These Council members will develop and implement a plan for spreading the teaching of our Constitution. As Dr. Benjamin Franklin taught it is the duty of every American citizen to read the Constitution. This Council will present to the Board and then implement the mechanisms for teaching the Constitution at all available levels.